The University College (UC)

Provides access to Chicago State University for entering freshmen who have special academic needs.

Our Commitment

To serve students to the best of our ability, UC faculty and staff create supportive curricula and programs to enhance the acquisition of knowledge and skills essential to successful academic performance in the larger university.

Your Commitment

The UC entails an approximate two-semester commitment with a combination of basic skills and general education course work applicable to all student majors. High school transcript evaluation and university placement examinations determine course placement.

What's in it for You?

  • Small class size
  • Specialized orientation, advising, and registration
  • Individualized attention by instructors and academic support counselors
  • CSU 090: University Studies (a course designed to promote success in a university setting)
  • Use of the College Student Inventory (a diagnostic tool to assist students in improving themselves in their student role)
  • Access to the Summer Bridge program (an option for furthering basic skills development.)

Exit from the UC involves the successful completion of applicable basic skills course work and examinations, as well as Freshman Seminar (FRSE 1500 and FRSE 1510). Students will be transferred to their major department at this time.

Eligibility for University College

Entrance to the program is made every semester. Admission to the program has limited enrollment.  Early application is strongly recommended. Application deadline: Check with the Admissions Office.

Students must apply for admission and submit supporting documents in order to determine eligibility for University College.

How can I get more information about the university?

To take a virtual tour of our campus, or learn more about our academic programs or to schedule a walking tour  please phone, write or email:

Chicago State University - Office of Admissions
Cook Administration Bldg. #200
9501 South King Drive
Chicago, IL 60628 -1598
Phone: 773-995-2513
Fax 773-995-3820