Lease Information and Forms

Effective April 1, 2013, all leases must be submitted on the new CSU Lease form (provided below) and attached in CSU Buy for review and approval. Leases must be submitted and executed through the CSU Buy system in advance of their start date. CSU shall not take possession of property until full execution of Lease.

Complete all blank areas on form including:

Page 1:

  • Generate a Lease number. (Instructions are provided on lease form);
  • Name of Lessor and principal address;
  • Description and location of premises to be leased;
  • Purpose of lease for premises;
  • List of attachments to lease (if applicable);
  • Duration of lease ;
  • Indicate if lease is renewable and length of term;

Page 2:

  • Maximum rental price of lease;
  • Method of Payment;

Page 7 & 8:

  • Lessor's Federal I.D. Number or Social Security Number;
  • Lessor's business designation;

Page 8:

  • Name, signature, title and date of execution of lease by Lessor

***Please note signature by Lessor is required prior to submission in CSU Buy.***

Page 9 &10:

  • Lessor must complete Exhibit A: Real Estate Lease Form Disclosure Statement. A notarized signature by an owner, authorized trustee, corporate official or managing agent is required.

Please click on the link below to download Lease form.

CSU Lease (pdf)

Please direct any questions or inquiries regarding contracts to (773) 821-2162 or