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University Graduate and Professional Council (UGC)

The University Graduate and Professional Council (UGC) serves as the university curriculum committee for all graduate and professional curriculum and policy matters. UGC is comprised of voting members (one faculty member per graduate or professional program) and non-voting members. UGC meets monthly and subcommittees, described in the bylaws, meet as needed. UGC business is coordinated through the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies, ADM 200,, 773-995-2404.

2016 - 2017 UGC Meeting Schedule
September 13, 2016Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
October 11, 2016Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
November 8, 2016Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
December, 2016 No meeting
January 10, 2017 No meeting
February 14, 2017Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
March 14, 2017No meeting
April 11, 2017Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)
May 9, 2017Agenda (pdf)Minutes (pdf)

Previous UGC Meetings

Submission of Thesis and Dissertation to ProQuest:

The University Graduate Council (UGC) approved forms for the Electronic Thesis/Dissertation process which uses ProQuest , for use in a pilot project. The CSU library no longer requires paper copies of theses/dissertations and instead stores electronic versions. ProQuest is used as a reporting of thesis/dissertation, not capstone, portfolios or other graduate products.

The transmittal of the electronic “copy” is facilitated using ProQuest/UMI software at no charge to the student.  There are several forms to communicate storage and access needs, based on input from both the student and the faculty thesis/dissertation adviser.  These forms indicate if the work will be accessible through ProQuest, and if the work will be accessible through CSU’s digital archive (the archive will be maintained as a repository but theses/dissertations so designated may be searchable at some point in the future). These forms as well as a Student Guide and a flowchart of the process can be accessed below. 

If a student or thesis/dissertation adviser has questions about ProQuest, please contact Gayle Porter at
Each term a ProQuest workshop is held. The schedule is posted at Graduate Admissions

All students complete this Form:

Complete EITHER Form 2 OR Forms 3a and 3b (complete 3a and 3b if you or your advisor are requesting delayed release of your thesis/dissertation to allow time for publication or other use)

2. Digital Publishing with CSU Archiving with Library Access Form


3a.  Digital Publishing Delayed Release Request Form

3b.  Digital Publishing with CSU Archiving with Delayed Release Form

All students complete this Form: