Chicago State University


Illinois Public Health Act 85-13115 specifies that any student born after January 1, 1957 who is either a first time freshman, a transfer student, or a student reentering the university after an absence of more than one semester will be required to show proof of immunity to measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, and tetanus. Evidence of poliomyelitis and tuberculin testing is also required for all international students and evidence of immunization for these diseases is strongly urged for United States nationals. Documentation of all immunizations and testing must be verified by a registered health care provider. A high school health record, if properly noted and certified, is acceptable documentation for residents of Illinois. Individuals who are not properly immunized will not be allowed to register. Proof of proper immunization must be on file prior to registration or the student must have proof at the time of registration. Proof of required immunization may be obtained at one of the city of Chicago Public Health clinics for a nominal fee. Students residing outside of the city of Chicago should contact the Public Health Clinic for their township or county. Students who wish to prove immunization requirements must complete the  form and send it to:

Chicago State University

Wellness Center Cook Administration Building

Room 131

9501 S. King Drive

Chicago, IL 60628

Illinois high school health records are acceptable if they contain information as specified in the following standards and are properly certified (all information must be written in English):

  • All dates in a series of immunizations must be included.
  • All dates must include month, day and year.
  • A physician, school/college/university health service registered nurse or Illinois Department of Public Health official must certify all dates by signature and include address.
  • Any laboratory or radiological (x-ray) evidence must be accompanied by a copy of the report showing the student's name and dates.

Only the following exemptions will be accepted and statements must accompany the Certificate of Immunity form:

Medical contraindications - A written, signed and dated statement from a physician stating the specific vaccine(s) contraindicated and duration of the medical condition that contraindicates the vaccine(s).

Pregnancy or suspected pregnancy - A signed agreement from a physician stating the student is pregnant or pregnancy is suspected (give expected date of delivery). After delivery, the student must then comply with the provisions of this policy as directed by her physician.

Religion exemption - Those claiming exemptions for religious reasons must file Form B-114 (obtained from the Wellness Center) along with a letter on official church stationary and signed by the religious administrator.

Students should contact the Wellness Center, Room 131, Cook Administration Building, 773-995-2010 for further information on how to satisfy State of Illinois immunization requirements. FAX: 773-995-2953