Chicago State University

Field Placement Services


The primary responsibility of Field Placement Services is:

  1. The Placement of Preservice Teachers, Student Teachers and Interns in Urban, Rural, Suburban and International Settings

  2. Meeting with School Districts and related personnel.

  3. Recruitment & Retention Efforts for Chicago State University

  4. Assitance with post graduation employment

  5. Partnerships with School Districts

CSU/COE Partnership with Foster Park Elementary - CPS Area 14

Principal Webb Foster Park

Chicago State University Alum - Teachers, Principals, Math Specialist, Science Specialis ( CSU College of Education/COFPS - Connell), Lead Teachers and CSU/ College of Arts and Sciences Pre-Service Candidate ( Physics Education) Tutored Foster Park Elementary Students for ISAT January - March, 2012

Principal Webb Foster Park Elem

Foster Park Elementary - Principal Webb, Assistant Principal Young, and Math Specialist Sterling, thanks the volunteers with a celebratory luncheon. Foster Park is locted in the CPS Englewood - Gresham - Area 14. Mr. Adrian Willis is the Chief Instructional Officer.

Sara Brust - Fall 2011 Art Education Student Teacher Candidate

Sara Brust - Art

Sara Brust- CSU/College of Arts and Sciences Student Teacher Candidate shows off her skills at Kenwood Academy, Fall 2011