Educator Licensure Testing

All professional educator licensure programs require passing at least two state licensure tests: a test of basic skills, and a content-area test. Teacher educator programs also require a third state test: the Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) test. The Learning Behavior Specialist I program requires a fourth state test: the Special Education General Curriculum Test. All state licensure tests are required at specific times in the educator preparation programs.

The state licensure tests are administered by the Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS). Registration, information, and study guides can be found HERE.

Basic Skills


Initial Teacher Education Programs

Undergraduates: Must pass before formal admission to the College of Education (professional phase of the program). Plan for the test: check test administration dates, registration schedules, score report dates, COE application deadlines; prepare for the test. Contact the Teacher Development Center for assistance with test preparation. 773/995-2215.

Post-baccalaureate non-degree and Master’s: Must pass for admission into program (to begin enrollment).

Advanced Programs

Must pass for admission into advanced programs.

Please note: if already passed for issuance of an educator license, the basic skills, or TAP test, does not need to be re-taken.

There are three options in Illinois for documenting proficiency in basic skills. Candidates must submit one of the following:

  1. An ACT Plus Writing composite score of 22 or higher.

  2. An SAT composite (mathematics and critical reading) score of 1030 or higher.

  3. The Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) scaled score of 240 or higher.

The official score report cannot be more than ten years old at the time of application and submission to ISBE.

Content-Area Test


Initial Teacher Education Programs

Must pass before student teaching.

Advanced programs

Must pass before specified internship: please check with your program for requirement.

240 = passing score

Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) - for teacher licensure programs only


Initial Licensure Programs

Must pass before completing student teaching.

Advanced programs

Must pass before entitlement. Check with program to see if required sooner.

There are four levels of the APT. Pass the APT test for the grade range of your program:

Early Childhood: Birth – Grade 3

Elementary/Bilingual Elementary: Grades K-9

Secondary Programs: Grades 6-12

K-12 Programs (Art, Music, PE, Grades K-12

Spanish, LBS I, LIS, Reading)

240 = passing score

Special Education General Curriculum Test


Initial LBS I program

Must pass before student teaching.

Advanced LBS I program

Must take after completing first three courses (SED 5304,5476,5477); if do not pass, must complete ELED methods courses then retake; Must pass before completing SED 5492.

240 = passing score

Test Schedules, Registration, Frameworks, Scoring Information, and Study Guides can be found HERE.