Therapeutic Recreation

Emphasis Area in the Recreation Major

The Therapeutic Recreation (TR) tract prepares students to deliver therapeutic recreation services. Services include assessing individuals; planning, implementing, and evaluating recreation programs for people with disabilities, illnesses, and special needs. Many individuals require assistance in developing skills for leisure involve-ment.

An individual pursuing a career in Therapeutic Recreation is involved in using recreation as a tool to work with people with physical disabilities, devel-opmental disabilities, mental illness, limitations due to aging, dependency on alcohol or other drugs, or work with youth who are considered at-risk.  Graduates may work in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes, childcare agencies, correctional facili-ties, schools, parks and recreation agencies, and other health and human service agencies.

Upon completion of a recreation degree from the CSU accredited program students can pursue becoming a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) through the National Council for TR Certification ( 

Tuition cost ranges from $6,985.00 $10,393.50.

In the past six years, three graduates completed the program and applied to be a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTS). The cost for the national CTS exam is $400.00.



Why Choose Chicago State University?

  • Therapeutic Recreation is one of four tracts in the Recreation Major at Chicago State University.
  • Nationally accredited program in-creases job marketability for CSU graduates.
  • Qualification to take the NCTRC Certified Therapeutic Recreation exam after graduation.
  • Comprehensive high quality, yet af-fordable courses of study.
  • Chicago State University is one of the highest rated campuses for safety in Illinois.
  • Numerous opportunities to meet and work with Therapeutic Recreation professionals.
  • Access to employing agencies through visits and fieldwork.
University Core Requirements: (44-50 hours)
Composition (6 hours)
ENG 1230/12703 cr.Writers’ Workshop I or Composition I
ENG 12803 cr.Composition II
Foreign Language (6 hours): In Sequence
Math (3 hours)
Math3 cr. 
Pysical and Life Science (14 hours)
(Must take one laboratory course)
BIOL 10803 cr.Biol. Sc. Survey II
Ph S 10803 cr.Critical Thinking about Tech.
ZOOL 2050*4 cr.Human Function Anatomy
PSLY 2040*4 cr.Human Physiology
*Anatomy and Physiology can be a combined course from another institution. If taken as one class from another institution students will need another elective under “Directed Electives”
Critical Thinking (3 hours)
*Ph S 1080 also fills this requirement
Social Sciences (9 hours)
SOC 10103 cr.Intro. to Sociology
POL 10103 cr.American National Government
PSYC 11003 cr.Intro. to Psychology
Humanities (6 hours)
CMAT 1130 or 20303 cr.Basic Speech Comm. or Comm. for Professionals
Fine Art Elective3 cr. 
Diversity (3 hours)
Core Requirements (46 hours)
PE/REC 19001 cr.Seminar in Physical Education
REC 10003 cr.Intro. to Leisure Studies
REC 20003 cr.Program Planning for Leisure Studies
REC 20103 cr.Philosophy of Leisure & Recreation
ED 4312
(REC 2070)
3 cr.Tech. for PE & Rec. Prof.
REC 22003 cr.Leadership & Supervision in Leisure & Recreation
REC 23003 cr.Outdoor Rec. & Team Build.
REC 25803 cr.Leisure Programming for Adults in Later Life
REC 40003 cr.Facility Mgt. & Design
REC 42403 cr.Mgt. of Leisure Service Delivery Systems
REC 43003 cr.Overview of TR Services
REC 45003 cr.Program Evaluation & Research in Leis. & Rec.
REC 45403 cr.Seminar & Methodology in Recreation
REC 47509 cr.Internship
Supportive Courses (10 hours)
HS 15702 cr.First Aid
PE 21402 cr.Movement Concepts & Dance
REC/PE 23602 cr.Aquatics for PE & Recreation
PE 23802 cr.Lifetime Sports
PE 23902 cr.Team Sports
Directed Electives (8-11 hours)
PSYC 20003 cr.Life Span Development
PSYC 41553 cr.Abnormal Psychology
Therapeutic Recreation Specialty (9 hours)
REC 33103 cr.Principles & Clinical Practices in TR
REC 43203 cr.Program Design & Evaluation in TR
REC 44403 cr.Issues, Trends, & Contemporary Problems in TR

Please note the following guidelines:

  • A grade of C or above is required in all recreation courses and supportive courses, either as transfer credit or completed at CSU.
  • A minimum of 30 credit hours must be completed at CSU with a cumulative GPA of 2.5.

For more information contact

Dr. June N. Price-Shingles
Director of Recreation Program
Chicago State University
Department of Secondary Education, Professional Studies and Recreation
JDC #216
Chicago, IL 60628-1598
Phone: 773.995.3779