Action Plan 2013-2014


The map highlights core courses whereby assessment artifacts are captured. The artifacts are embedded in the identified syllabus via specific assignments. The assignments are graded in Live Text using a rubric that identifies the work submitted as Target, Acceptable or Unacceptable. 

At this time, no identified changes are noted. The SLOs and PEOs are aligned with the recreation program accrediting body NRPA (National Parks and Recreation Association) and the standards we use to assess if learning is taking place. 

Although there are no changes at this time, it should be noted that we are considering making changes for the next reporting cycle due to NRPA’s revision of university standards (January 2013). As a result, it is with great anticipation that slight changes will be made to the SLOs and PEOs and implemented in AY 2014-2015. Those changes will result in newly identified or revised assignments for core courses used for assessment and will take the place of some of the artifacts we currently use.  

Our biggest challenge remains students’ slow pace in purchasing Live Text and their input of course assignments for assessment.