CSU's Center for Urban Research and Education Event

"Talking With Students About Ferguson: Meaningful Classroom Dialogue About What Happened in Ferguson & What It Means"

Small group discussions after the panel presentationThe Chicago State University's Center for Urban Research and Education hosted its first event of the 2014-15 academic year with it's 'Talking With Students About Ferguson" panel on September 17, 2014. Over 100 local educators, and CSU faculty and students participated in an evening designed around three questions:

  1. What happened in Ferguson and what does it mean?
  2. What issues does Ferguson raise for us as educators?
  3. How do educators address this and similar issues in the classroom?

To address the first question, a distinguished panel of CSU faculty and area teachers and administrators each addressed the opening question and presented thoughtful and insightful comments to frame the evening.

The evening wrapped up with a whole group debriefing of the small group sessions and sharing of strategies and approaches for classroom us. While participants left with many ideas and suggestions and evaluations were overwhelmingly positive about the experience, they also left with many questions and thoughts about next steps for their schools to better prepare staff and students for such meaningful discussion.To address the second question, participants participated in small group discussions, reflecting on the panelists remarks and their own experiences and efforts to address what happened in Ferguson and similar issues in their classrooms.