Council on Teacher Education

What is the Council on Teacher Education?

The Council is an advisory body that is responsible for making recommendations to the administration regarding curricular matters pertaining to the following programs in Teacher Education:

  • New undergraduate or graduate programs designed for the preparation of teachers or other educational personnel.
  • Major revisions or modifications of existing University programs.
  • Major changes in programs having impact on programs, options, courses, staffing in other colleges of the University.

Who serves on the Council?

The Council on Teacher Education (CTE) is composed of five faculty representatives from the College of Education, five faculty representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Director of Teacher Certification, the Director of the Office of Field Placement, the Dean of the College of Education and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The Dean of the College of Education is the Chair of the CTE. The faculty representatives are appointed by the Deans of the respective colleges. One representative is from the Department of Psychology. No two members come from the same department and each is involved in the teacher education curriculum.

When does the Council meet?

At least one regular meeting of the Council will be held each semester of the academic year. The Council does not meet during the summer. The time and place for regular meetings of the Council are determined by the Co-Chairs of the Council. Special meetings of the Council may be called by the Co-Chairs of the Council or by request of the President or Provost of the University. All requests and petitions are submitted to the Chairperson of the Council and a special meeting will be called as soon as is practicable after such requests or petitions are received.

Meeting minutes

Copies of the minutes of the meetings of the CTE are distributed to CTE members, the Chair of the Faculty Senate, appropriate administrators, and filed in the University Archives.