Telecommunications Management Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

The post-baccalaureate Telecommunications Management Certificate program consists of five required courses plus two elective courses.  The concentration of the certificate is on network computing courses.  The certificate is designed to prepare students to test for at least three of the highly respected industrial certification examinations.   

Additional Information About This Program

 This post-baccalaureate certificate prepares students in network computing. In addition, it prepares students to complete industrial certification exams in A+, Cisco Certified Network Associate, Network+ or Wireless. For more information about program costs, employment, and other information, click here for gainful employment.

Certificate Requirements

  • Complete all five required courses.
  • Complete two elective courses from the associated list.
  • Register for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) examination within two months after finishing all four CCNA courses.
  • Obtain the A+ Certificate within two months from finishing the A+ course.
  • Obtain either Network+ or Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP).

Curriculum Sequence

The certificate consists of seven courses or 21 credit hours.


Required Courses (15 credit hours)
TPS 5070/LIMS 5350 Informatics Essentials or TPS 5500/IT 5220:  Computer Systems Technologies
TPS 5510/LIMS 5233 Networking Fundamentals for Information Specialists
TPS 5520/IT 5333 Network Configuration II
TPS 5530/IT 5334 Network Practicum I
TPS 5540/IT 5344 Network Practicum II
Elective Courses (select two courses for 6 credit hours)
TPS 5610/IT 5350 Wireless Networks Security and Design
TPS 5550 Network Administration Technologies
TPS 5220/LIMS 5347 Internet Publishing for Information Specialists
TPS 5630/IT 5225 Database Systems and Technologies
Any directed elective graduate course approved by advisor

For more information, please contact:
Phone: 773-995-2598 or 773-821-2441