Professional Code of Conduct Policy

Candidates must not have any unresolved violations of the Professional Code of Conduct in order to continue in their program past any of these checkpoints. The Professional Code of Conduct includes (but is not limited to) academic integrity, accountability, appropriate language, civility, cleanliness, fairness, honesty, justice, punctuality, reliability, professional ethics, nondiscriminatory behavior, respect, trustworthiness, and other aspects of professional behavior.

Candidates who are observed violating any aspect of the Professional Code of Conduct can be given the opportunity to correct their behavior after consulting with the party who has observed the violation, or with the party's or candidate's academic department. If the problem is not successfully resolved, a referral can be made by the party observing the violation, his or her academic department, or the candidate's academic department to the College's Admission and Standards Committee (ASC) for a final resolution.

Candidates who have a history of violating the Professional Code of Conduct (whether the violations are resolved or unresolved) can be referred to the Admission and Standards Committee at the discretion of a concerned member of the university community. The ASC will review the referral and render a decision regarding the candidate's status in the program, in accordance with standard ASC referral review procedures.

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