Future Teacher's Club Mission

The mission of the Future Educators Association, Chicago State University (CSU) Chapter, is to foster the development of the most highly qualified and accomplished educators for today’s learners. The organization will do this by supporting, challenging, and encouraging each and every one who demonstrates an expressed interest in education profession. The organization will also strive to represent the broad interest of educational practitioners and will reach beyond the borders of its membership into the CSU faculty, staff, alumni, and community to support the mission.

Benefits of CSU FEA Membership

  • Leadership Skills Development, Training, Speakers, Committee Positions Develop High School Chapters
  •  Networking Opportunities: Community Service, Volunteering, Access Employment Opportunities
  • Financial Opportunities: Scholarships, Stipends, Information on Financial Aid
  • Organizational Leadership Opportunities: CSU-FEA Executive Board and Committee Positions
  • Go Teach, the official FEA magazine published 4 times per year
  • The FEA national conference, where you can participate in competitions and win scholarships
  • Prospective Educator Scholarships, sponsored by PDK International
  • The FEA Honor Society, which is an opportunity to be recognized for your academic achievements
  • Eligibility to run for a position as an FEA national student officer