Graduate Admissions

Graduate Admissions

Your Starting Point for Graduate Study at CSU

Welcome to Graduate Admissions and Office of Records and Registration at CSU. The left navigation bar contains links to detailed instructions and information on applying to Chicago State University's graduate programs - review them carefully and bookmark important pages as you engage in the application process.

Although the Graduate School continuously accepts applications year-round, it is strongly suggested that you meet published admission deadlines. Late applications are automatically transferred to the next upcoming term, without notice to the student. Incomplete applications will remain in the Graduate School until all credentials/documents are received.

Special Admissions Information

If you are applying to the Chicago State University Occupational Therapy Program, you will have to submit two applications:

  1. The Graduate School Application to the School of Graduate and Professional Studies, and,
  2. an application to the Occupational Therapy Department.

If you are applying to the Chicago State University College of Pharmacy, Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program, or the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership, please visit their web sites for information on application processes and to access their applications.

Admissions Application Deadlines

The Graduate School accepts applications on a continuous basis for most graduate programs; students interested in obtaining admission to a specific term should complete the admission process by these deadlines:

  • Fall Term - March 15th (March 1st for all Counseling applicants).
  • Spring Term - October 15th (one month earlier for international applicants).

Please Note:

  • The Counseling, Occupational Therapy and the Social Work programs only accept applications for the fall term.
  • Prospective students may apply to only one graduate program at a time. Submission of additional applications made while the first application is pending will cause a disruption in the processing of your admission.